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Friday, November 2, 2012

Who me a heel striker?? and My new Saucony Sneakers!

My Husband ran with me last week and said I was a heel striker... I denied this until he said to look at the bottom of my sneakers:
I still denied that the heels of my sneakers were completely wore off even if the rest of the sneaker  appeared to be new.

I was so sure it was just from me running so many miles in them (wink wink) so I had my daughter run along side me to PROVE that I am not a heel striker....

Ok yes this is a photo of my heel striking the pavement first... So bad!

So I have been practicing my form and today tried on a bunch of "real" running sneakers and here are my new sneakers:
Nice!! Saucony Grid Phantom

Love them!
Running was a breeze (not really) But I kicked ass with my fastest time today! Whoot Whoot!

Total Miles: 2.97
Time 31:37 
Just about 10:39 per mile!

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