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Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 30, 2012 Run! A running lesson learned!

I was trying to run everyday for one month and about 15 days in life happened! Christmas, traveling, camping, late nights lets just saying running was not in the cards for me. I brought my running sneakers everywhere I went in hopes of sneaking in a few miles but it ended up just not meant to be.
So when I was finally home today and got ready to hit the trail I was amazing surprised at how awesome I felt! No muscle aches, no limping, no ouchies along the way! So I learned a valuable lesson that my body does really need rest, and taking a few days off improved my running!

Total Miles 3.02
Time: 29:49

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Pat N. said...

Good for you, Carri! Valuable lesson learned. I fell down my steps leaving my house almost 2 weeks ago, and badly sprained by foot and ankle. Luckily nothing was broke, but it still hurts a little bit even now. Giving it the proper time to heal was imperative, so it's been great that I've had time off during the holidays to help this happen.