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Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6, 2012 Run

Oh what a day!! I had to work then rush to pick up one from school and then rush to get us to my other Daughter's first track meet!

It was awesome! Her team raced against 2 other middle schools and out of all 3 schools she came in first! She was like lighting!!  What an exciting day! 

After running more errands and finally making it home and doing homework I realized it was pitch black outside, but she was such great motivation I just needed to run!

Unfortunately I have never actually ran in the dark before and already having terrible vision, straining my vision to see, ducking from branches, running on the road, sidewalks and ditches. Well lets just say it was less than desirable! And my time showed my struggle!

But I still burned a few!
 Miles run: 2.12
Time 24:48

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