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Monday, December 3, 2012

Ohhh The Head Cold... To Run or Not to Run? December 3, 2012

I woke up with an awful head cold this morning! How can that be after having such an amazing week of running?? I stopped to pick up some much needed supplies to make it thru a day of sitting behind a desk being a sick, leaking mess!
Then I spent most of the day contemplating if I should run or not. I haven't been sick since I started running So I wasn't sure. Should I just skip it and crawl into bed I felt depleted and I'm SICK?!!

So I drove home with the decision I was not going to run, but by the time I hit the driveway I was saying well maybe I can just run a mile. And if I need to stop I can.

I hit the trail and once I got over the fact that my nose was running, and sore I realized that  the rest of me was just fine and continued to run.

Total miles run: 3:06
Time: 31:09

1 comment:

DIANA L. said...

Hope hope your run knocked the cold out of you, Hugs Diana