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Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26, 2012 Run and Living the Good Times!

While I was running today I was thinking about how lucky I am. I don't want to look back on my life five years from now and say Oh yah... those were the good times! I keep reminding myself that I am living... right now... the good times! 

My Mom has in the hospital for the a few days this week. I was super worried that something awful might happen, but I just kept the faith and reminded myself about how lucky I am that I live 1 block away from my Mom, that I was able to be by her side within minutes of my Step-Dad calling and that she is home now and doing better.

I am so lucky that when I come running through the door after a run, sweaty and gross and say to My Hubby Come and give me a hug, he does and when I jump up and down saying whoot whoot these are my skinny jeans I just put on, he reminds me it is about being healthy not only about lookin' good!

And how my girls put on their running clothes so Mom doesn't have to run alone, I am reminded of how lucky I am!

So today while I ran, it was a much smoother run as I thought about how lucky I was to be out there running free! Reminding myself that I am living the good times!

Distance Ran: 2.98 Miles
Time: 37:17


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