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Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 30, 2012 Run And My Garage Door....

So today after work I pulled in the driveway and hit the garage door opener... nothing happened. I hit it a few more times thinking this may open the garage door... nope. So I got out and punched in the code... Nothing. So I dug through my purse and found my house keys ( they needed to be dusted off, I haven't used them in years) I went to the front door, lugging my purse, work bag, a bag of crafting goodies from Micheal's, my large cup of ice tea and pushed the door opened. Only to hear the alarm count down, I'm in high heels, trying to run thru the house lugging all my stuff, tripping over my dog to turn off the alarm before it alerts. I send my Hubby a text "Hey the garage door opener is broke" 

No biggie I'm in the house all is good!

Hours later I am ready for my run, I go out to the garage. I open the door and realize I can't close it once I am out, so I do what any reasonable person would do, I hit the button, make a run for it, duck my head and leap over the invisable line! Oh Yah! I made it, I'm thinking I am pretty cool at this point. I text my Hubby I am hitting the trail and take off running. 

I run to about the 1.5 mark and check my phone, and he sends me a text "Don't use the keypad it is broke"
So I'm thinking to myself.. No kidding I just told you that a few hours ago and I continue my run. 

Ok so are you catching on?? I am about 3/4 of the way home and realize he is telling me not to use the keypad because I won't be able to get back in the house. Derrr... So now I am running knowing that I am going to have to have him come home to let me back in the house LOL!

That's my story, I saw his smirk from a mile away as he pulled up, me standing in the driveway trying not to look helpless!

Here was my view today:
This is the full moon during the daylight! Pretty Neat!

Distance ran: 3.06
Time: 40:30

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