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Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 17, 2013 Run and a Pony Tail attacking Bird??

I went running today and my 2 girls were running along with me. We were on the wash~ trail which is home to lots of animals. Today while we were running side by side with each other a large hawk type bird came swopping down and came within inches of touching all three of our heads. He swarmed around us for a while, we just kept running with our arms waving in the air. We all starting laughing because my brother told us this crazy story about a woman jogging with a high ponytail getting attacked by a bird. I thought he was teasing but after today I am wondering if there isn't some truth to it! I guess we will be running in low ponies for a while! 

Total miles running from a Crazy Bird: 3.03
Time spent wondering if the bird was stalking me: 30:33

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