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Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31, 2013 My Run and My Monthly Stats!!

While I was out running today I was surprised to bump into an old friend on the street that I haven't seen in months! I ended up stopping to say a quick hello which turned into a few minutes. I pulled out my ear plug and didn't realize that when I hit pause on my RunKeeper it didn't actually pause..... making it seem like I had a S~L~O~W run. But I didn't! I was hauling and last I heard I was tracking at 9:36 minutes miles!

Check out that crazy increase LOL!

Distance running: 2.89
Time 32:34
running, runner, exercise, healthy, fitness, mileage, speed, newbie runner
My stats for January 2013
75 miles ran 
5.5 Miles Cycled

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Amanda said...

Wow, those are great stats for January!!! Great job..

Happy running,
Amanda :0)